As many of you know, I adore the Fallout series. My bedroom door has a Fallout shelter sign on it (imported from the US at great expense), I have between one and four copies of every Fallout game ever made and have in the past played so much Fallout that I dreamt about playing it when I wasn’t.

I was sceptical about Fallout 3 and I’m still not entirely happy with it as the next step in the series but I will say this – subjectively it stands head and shoulders above Fallout Tactics (and obviously Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, *cough*..). It has its flaws, lots of them. It has things that feel wedged in where I feel they don’t fit, but generally speaking, it’s not bad. Bethesda could have done a lot worse.

I hope a fourth Fallout game is produced, one that fixes the damn engine and includes a little more dark humour. It feels like the world often takes itself too seriously whilst knowing that it’s supposed to have a few jokes, resulting in a few half-hearted things here and there.

What I do admire is the random promotional items associated with the game. Vault-Tec lunch boxes were produced, for example (I’m currently considering acquiring one). An item of particular note was the life-sized PipBoy 3000A prop. Whilst obviously not a fully working device, it did function as an alarm clock, I’m led to believe, even if many of them were faulty.


Well, it’s not bad but obviously rather plastic, which could be fixed if I got my mitts on one, but, to be honest, that’d probably be quite expensive given that I don’t think they were released in Europe.

The PipBoy appeared in both Fallout 1 and 2, although I’m not sure which model it was and it behaved a little differently, although I would say the devices weren’t drastically different in function.

I’m thinking that perhaps I should put together a Vault dweller outfit. Not necessarily for Halloween (I have a Cthulhu costume planned for that..) but as a general costume to wear for something. A tattered jumpsuit would be great, but I think a PipBoy would really complete the look.

(This is a test to see how the pipboy looks on screen)
(sorry it's just music, my onboard mic on my camera was off and didn't pick up any sound effects.)
The Pipboy 3000- The holy grail of Fallout 3 fans seems to be a working prop, espessally after the flop of the pipboy wrist clock that no one seemed happy with. This is the first (that I have seen) real step towards making that a reality. 

I've figured out the screen and the main computing aspects of the unit (as you can see in the video, I've set a few of the screens in a loop because I'm using the other hand to hold the camera). At curent moment, I'm figureing out how to fit the LEDs back on the buttons and make the dial control the screens and such. Also, I'm trying to figure out a better latch for the unit, right now I'm holding it on via gaffers tape. It's a WIP, but I should have a game acurate prop by this sumer.

Now in order to build such a thing I imagine I’d need a variety of things, including a digital photo frame, some LEDs and a friend with some electronics know-how. I’d want to map the buttons on the frame to the controls on the device too, I reckon it’d be rather swish. The PipBoy 3000A has a scroll wheel, two clicky buttons and a clicky rotating knob. Basically.

I’d also need some piping, I think, in order to create the right tube to go underneath. It’s tricky, but I reckon it could be done. Ooh and the bolts to hold it on. The device isn’t supposed to come off easily!

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