I’ve been thinking recently about where my uni society is going in the coming months, the changes we have planned and the execution of same.

We’ve been planning to change the society name but the more I think about it, the more I feel uncertain whether it’s a sound course of action. I don’t wish us to remain exactly the same, many elements of the re-brand seem very sensible.

Napier recently became Edinburgh Napier, although it’s more like “is becoming” as it’ll take some time before it’s the new status quo. imgLogoWe as a society have been planning on becoming Edinburgh Napier TV, or ENTV (pronounced “NTV”). My concern with this is a simple one – who will join such a society?

Perhaps we’ll get a few AV people, maybe some journalism students, but really, we’ve existed for a few years now and haven’t heard a peep from more than a handful of people. That’s simply not enough to build a successful society on.

That said, unless we gain significant staff and skill, we can’t draw the numbers of students that we need to run the kinds of events we want to run. There’s lots we’d like to do but struggle to do simply because we find drawing a crowd so difficult. This isn’t to say it’s entirely our fault – it’s difficult to get Napier students to do anything, there’s not a strong sense of community spirit, something that I feel pained that I don’t do enough to remedy.

What I’m considering is whether it would perhaps be better to continue with the rebrand but simply retain the original society name. By that I mean “Napier Subculture Society – Home of ENTV”. By creating a degree of distance between the society and the show it might be possible to still run both. The crucial thing being that I feel if we push too far for the separation of the show and the society we will end up in a position where the society isn’t suited to be a society.

The show alone is unlikely, in my view, to be enough to encourage students to join up. I’m sure a few will, but getting enough might be tough and ultimately perhaps the show will be better suited as an NSA ongoing concern rather than a society.

Instead what could be worth doing would be the following:

  1. Boil down society events into a few categories.
  2. Establish a small team for each.
  3. Schedule events as far in advance as possible.

The categories would be modelled on something like this:

  • Music
  • Performing arts/film
  • Napier events

So, this would mean two or three people would have the job of looking up which gigs were coming up and trying to arrange tickets.

Two or three people would have the job of finding out which drama shows, comedy shows and films are upcoming.

Finally, two or three would be charged with liaising with other clubs and societies to find out what they have  planned and whether any inter-society things can be organised.

We would need this information regularly for the show regardless and so to be publicising the activities and encouraging our members to go along in groups would not be too far of a stretch.

The pitch would go something like the following:

nss-whiteWe’re Napier’s TV show, we’re involved with everyone and keep our ears to the ground in Edinburgh. We find out what’s worth going to and make sure our friends are kept in the know. If you want a summary of what’s going on this week and a great group of people to go to stuff with, we’re your best bet.

Whilst we might organise our own events, this would mean the focus wasn’t primarily on that and our resources wouldn’t need to be stretched so thinly.

I’m interested in constructive feedback and consider this a particularly pressing issue for the society and its exec. I hope we can come to some kind of resolution that leaves us all confident for our society’s future.

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  1. Might be an idea to have a big brainstorming session at the AGM to see if you can come up with some creative ways to pitch the society. Not that your pitch idea was faulty in any way - you've got some really good concepts in there. It just seems like you're feeling that there needs to be more buy-in (for lack of a better way to describe it) from the members, and generally, that is easier to achieve when everyone feels like they have had a say in the process, thus the whole society brainstorming session idea. You have some really solid, positive ideas. Hope it all works out! =)


  2. Not to sound like a bad egg or a censorship monkey, a wave pirate, or even a manchester united supporter, but I reckon you should've mentioned this to your exec and got their thoughts first, rather than starting it off as a public discussion.


  3. Considering only about four people read my blog, I didn't consider it too much of a faux-pas.

    I wanted to get my thoughts written down so I could figure out how I feel about it. I'd rather chat to you guys when I know what I'm trying to say than have you sit there and wait while I ramble in a vague hope of eventual coherence.


  4. I'm not saying you have - i'm just saying that I'd rather you mentioned the topic to us first, let us know you're still having doubts, rather than post it straight to a blog. Maybe we had some kinda brilliant soundbite that would utterly change your mind and free you from the need to write this, say. Or maybe you could even have incorporated some of our comments into this post.


  5. I have mentioned it before.. I mentioned it quite a lot at our last exec meeting, I thought. I had a little think and thought I'd try to order the ideas by putting them in text. Hopefully they're good ones!


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