Before writing this I took a moment to read over an article on maskaphobia and to consider how I feel about masks now.

vlcsnap-8645706I used to find them far more unpleasant than I do now, although I can’t say I’ve entirely got over it yet. They still put me a little ill at ease but only in some cases. The pig mask seen in the Saw series has helped dull my response to them, thankfully.

I believe this is the reason I find masks so creepy:


My father made this mask many years ago. I’m not sure what its original purpose was or whether it was scratch-built for a masquerade he wore it to, but either way, I still find it very impressive. It’s made with actual fox fur and is fairly sturdy, with foam padding inside and enough room to carefully sip drinks. It’s actually the basis for a Cthulhu mask I intend to build sometime soon.

Either way, when I was a lot younger I remember this mask hanging from a beam on the way down the stairs in our home in Wales. I found it so intimidating that I’d sometimes not be able to summon the courage to walk past it in order to get to the sofa to watch early-morning TV.

I’ve been meaning to get photos of this mask for some time and this time I finally remembered whilst I was in Wales. Hope you like it.


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