Just a quick one before I head to bed.

rssssI’m in the process of tweaking how my blog works and looks. I’ve done away with the “About Me” box, for example, although it may be replaced with something similar later. I’ve also been toying with the way posts look and the comment system. It’d been a while since I did anything under the hood and so things were a bit outdated.

Now anyone can comment and the form appears below the story, although as always you’ve got to open the story in its own page to comment on it individually.

I’ve also added some updated “Flamekeblog” buttons to the sidebar, one for Atom and one for RSS (previously I only provided an Atom feed, mainly ‘cos I didn’t know Blogger provided an RSS one).

If you don’t know what this stuff means, seriously, don’t worry. I just wanted to update my blog as I’ve seen the latest posts so many times today during editing that I just wanted something new to look at.

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