Well, I finally got them. I have bloggles. Well, they’re actually supposed to be vaguely steam punk but I’m wearing them whilst blogging, so they’re bloggles, damnit.

The inspiration for their construction was this episode of Threadbanger, in which there’s a video version of this instructable:

I didn’t have a baseball to hand and had no intention of buying one so I chose to use the offcuts of fake leather I have lying about from the flying cap I’m building. Well, it wasn’t too easy although, frankly, it wasn’t as tough as many other projects. I’m rather pleased with the end result, although unlike the photo, the “metal” parts are now a brassy colour, following a repaint (I’ve also adjusted the central strap a little as the two sides were a bit broadly spaced).

steampunkgoggles1Having seen photos of many other goggles made using the same tutorial, I’ve got to say the following..
Why can no one paint? Is it that hard? We’re not talking miniatures, here, just simple things. Perhaps I’ve just got ridiculously high standards (Even then, I feel my work is often inadequate). Perhaps I’m biased from my years of painting miniatures (although by miniature painters’ standards I’m not that good).

I’m frequently horrified to see metallic colours applied in big dollops rather than drybrushed on. Some of the things I’ve seen have had so much potential and have effectively been ruined by sloppy application. My apologies for my snobbery.

On a side note, someone who hasn’t disappointed me in painting gave me a rather spiffy gift today. You see that enormous mug in the top photo with “i can has tea” on it?

I liked my present. Ooh, the lizard/gecko is rather spiffy too, although as yet unnamed. I’m considering calling it “Sandor” though.

Back to the point, anyway – what’s next?

Well, the flying cap needs work but I hope to have it finished in a few days and I’d like to add a few more amusing steampunk elements. I’ve seen plenty of Nerf N Strike Maverick pistols used to make a variety of styles of pistols. I thought I’d have to order them over the ‘net at exorbitant prices. However, it turns out Argos is flogging them for a fiver a piece. Not bad, eh?

nerf-n-strike-maverickI’m considering two of them, with suitable holsters. I might lengthen the barrel on one of them though and add the scope I have laying about. Hmm. I’m now uncertain – would a pair be better or a single one that’s rather customised? I’m thinking the latter, but I’m not entirely sure.


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  1. You had to put the weirdest photo up. Loving the Steampunk stuff - the cap is going to be awesome. It'll be WELL cool if everyone joins in! There is one way to make sure they all do - theme the unBirthday party as "Steampunk".

    I reckon that the nerf guns might work. My only question would be "do they have to match?". The Steampunk outfits I've seen (and I will admit, that isn't as many as you've seen) looked kind of happily cobbled together - nothing truly matches, but it looks cool like that. On the other hand, there is nothing like symmetry. What about putting the holsters for the guns both on the same side of the outfit?? Symmetrical, yet not.

    That mug is pretty damn wicked. The person who made it must be an amazing artist. Have they any art hanging in the Louvre yet? ;)


  2. I've done a search of Argos stocks of the Nerf Maverick in the local area and there's a single one available, which I've reserved. Looks like it's going to have to be the single unique pistol!

    I like the idea of dual pistol holsters though, perhaps something for someone else's outfit?

    I'm wondering if I should try to acquire some britches for my outfit and whether to wear a top hat or the flying cap. It's fun, regardless.


  3. Britches are dead easy to sew. I say go for it. ;)


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