I thought I'd provide a bit of a less erudite post this morning, even if this one has technically been more work to provide.

Shortly before my last visit to New Zealand I got hold of a compilation of Swedish hiphop. In the past I've listened to and enjoyed The Latin Kings but I wanted to hear a selection. I can't say I adored all of the tracks but equally there weren't any I hated. I thought I'd share a few of them with you. Most are in Swedish but the last one is a Swedish rap group rapping in English:

Mange Schmidt - Giftig

Ken Ring - 2000 Talet

Petter (featuring Säkert) - Logiskt

Timbuktu - The Botten Is Nådd

Ayo - Betongdjungelboken

Ison & Fille - Lägg Ner Ditt Vapen

Finally there's one in English but I couldn't find an actual video, just a slideshow with the music:

Supersci - On The Grind

Even if it isn't of interest to anyone it's still a useful post for me. I can just look it up later if I want a few of my favourite Swedish hiphop tracks.

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