Tomorrow is probably going to be quite a busy day, methinks, a lot is planned.
I don't imagine it'll work out and I'll probably finish the day having accomplished a fraction of what I'd like to have done, but I can at least start out with noble intentions.

On the society front we're about to launch season 5 of our podcast. Currently we're discussing improvements and changes but a few things are on the table - a new style of intro sequence for one thing, although this may mean our theme music is going to need tweaking which hopefully won't take too long. Similarly we're working on adding some new segments and presenters (in the sort of "we've got some concrete ideas now" kind of way, not the misty-eyed, hopeful way). It should be fun although it won't be easy. Ah well, an interesting challenge!

On a personal level I've got a lot to get sorted. My academic status is a bit of a mess and needs to get sorted. By the mark I got in my last piece of coursework I'm reminded that if I take a small amount of time and effort then it's easy for me to get a decent mark - all I've got to do is motivate myself to apply myself. In order to do this I'm going to see how many modules I can study as I ended up studying pretty much just one module last semester, a situation I'm not happy with. I'm falling behind for no sensible reason and it's time to rectify that. I emailed a member of staff about it a week ago and I've so far had no reply but perhaps the staff were off for a week or something. They should be back tomorrow so I'm going to have a bash then.

Ideally I'd like to be in a position to bash out a module every week or every fortnight. It's not going to happen but I'd like to see if I can at least study enough that I need to be at uni every day. I've had plenty of time to do nothing so I think it's time to get some work done. I need to be busy to get things done so busy I plan to be.

If at all possible I'd like to still fit in a Mordheim campaign too and I'm in a pretty good position to do that too, considering the terrain is now built and shortly the final models will have been painted.

Once more into the breech, methinks.

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