Just a short whine about the weather here. Not really a whine, even, more a sort of "damn you, Murphy".
As most of you should have realised, it's been a bit nippy recently. It's -5° outside right now (23°F for any Americans..).
That's not really the problem. The problem is that our boiler is STILL broken. Maybe, just maybe, it'll get fixed today (Wednesday). It's been at least a week. We can still shower but we've got no heating and no hot water.

Normally the dishes pile up because we procrastinate or we're busy (usually a combination thereof).
At the moment there's a load of dishes we actively want to clean but can't because of the lack of hot water. Plates, glasses and other small things aren't a problem - a few kettles full of hot water sort them out. However, bigger things like our wok are just too damn big to be quickly cleaned, a concentrated campaign would be required to eliminate the filth. Three male students and plenty of other kitchenware.. yeah, I don't see it happening either.

My room is damn chilly though, even with the triple-glazed window closed. Two exterior-facing walls are normally not much of an issue but at the moment I'm really feeling it. The Captain was in here earlier. He wore three pairs of socks and told me to get back to work. I may or may not have been mildly violent, it's all a bit of a blur.

We did make a snowman, however. I say "we", I mainly mean Tom and The Captain. I would have helped more but fingerless gloves aren't very handy for snowcraft. I helped a little and supervised.. Okay, fine, I was there, sharing in the snowman experience. There was also some other random student who was in the nearby smoking shelter (Craiglockhart) who came over and put some extra polish on John, the snowman. The poor fellow didn't last long, I hear he was victim to a snowball fight although details were sketchy. Is there a word for snowman murder? Nivicide?

On the whole though, things are going well. Society matters are on track and my module situation is resolving itself. I may even be able to progress into third year to an extent, depending which modules are available over the summer. I might even get myself back on the programme rep list. Amusingly I own a programme rep hoody but am not officially one, although I used to be. I told Yvette when she was handing them out that I was supposed to be. I was, of course, not lying. I was asked if I wanted to continue to be one and was promised the relevant details/paperwork would be sent to me, a promise that wasn't honoured. Hopefully I'll soon be able to get that official status back. So, if you're on the Business Management programme here at Napier and have any feedback, questions, comments or anything like that, I'm one of the people you can talk to about it!

I don't promise you answers, but I can easily get in touch with the relevant people. Oddly enough, despite however many hundreds of students on the programme our programme leader, Patrick Hart, recognises me immediately, going so far as to use my first name. I'm not sure whether this is because I'm easily recognisable, a compliment to his cordial disposition towards me or a token of notoriety..

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