I've basically finished all the portable Mordheim terrain I've had in the works now. Hell, I've even finished painting all the models I currently have to hand, something I never expected to happen.

When I was younger it was rare for me to finish a model - I'd usually find the process less enjoyable than the end result and lose interest before finishing. I don't know if these days I have a longer attention span or whether I simply paint more quickly. Either way, I've painted not only all my Skaven but all my human mercenaries too (Reiklanders). I've set them up on the table as if it were mid-game - I have played a game on the terrain but neither the terrain nor the painting was finished so I didn't bother taking photos.

First off an overview of the finished terrain (clicky to embiggen):

When flat-packed the terrain looks like this (Black Skaven provided for scale):

The whole lot can be assembled in a matter of minutes and packed away in about the same amount of time.

Some low-level shots:

The overall cost of the project has been about £10, not including paint. Foamboard, thin card from cereal boxes, some bamboo skewers and plenty of PVA glue. I'm rather pleased with the results. I'm not sure how much use it'll see but we'll see. I enjoyed building it and it can easily be packed away. The next step is to get hold of some fabric to form a play mat, doubling as a bag for the pieces. Hopefully I'll be able to find something suitable soon.

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