I've never been much for photography, not just because of the complexity of the jargon I've encountered either. It might be one of those things like music or poetry - I just don't quite understand the idea on some sort of fundamental level.

It should also be noted that as a teenager/adult I've never lived in a world where digital photography wasn't prevalent. I bought my first digicam when I was about 15 for something like £180, including a 16MB SmartMedia card. At the time there weren't that many other people of the same age who owned them but this changed over the next few years.

The point being that I've basically never dealt with actual film. I've always been able to see photos immediately after taking them - immediate feedback. Similarly, I've barely any idea of how much it costs to develop film.

When I was growing up as a boy my mother would take huge numbers of photos, something I'm very glad she did as we have photo-documentation of a great deal of our pasts (although it took major surgery to provide the time for my mother to finally sort them all!). She eventually moved to digital photography and has owned about as many digicams as I have (about 3, not including phones).

It's a little odd that there's a whole generation whose only exposure to film photography is in the context of art, if that. It's especially surreal as I feel I'm one of them.

That said, on a recent trip to Wales I borrowed a load of old lenses as well as a camera with the intention of putting together a DIY 35mm DoF adapter for my video camera (as mentioned in a previous post). A side effect of this is I now have my father's Nikon F-801 and a few lenses for it, a 35mm SLR camera from 1988. There's no way I'd sell it of course, it's not mine to sell, but it has been sitting gathering dust for years and in terms of IWC's photography needs it was long ago replaced by digicams.

So, I've got a camera from two decades ago, some reasonable lenses and little to no knowledge. I could ask the Captain for some pointers, but to be honest I think I prefer not knowing for now. I'd rather experiment a little and get a feel for the device before trying to properly improve.

I'm just thinking that it might be fun to get hold of some film and take some photos of my life. It'd be nice to be able to post some physical photos to my parents in New Zealand, do things a little old school, as it were.

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