Today has so far been a good day, which is why I'm blogging about it now before it all goes wahoonie-shaped.

I was up early and got bacon, hell, I didn't even have to cook it myself. Cheers, Matt.
Well, bacon roll consumed, to Craiglockhart I went. My modules for university have been somewhat of a mess for a while but I think most of the issues should now have been resolved, although there's still a few minor bugs I'm having to squish, given that I've cleared them with the relevant people but still need to get my course administrator to understand that things are fine. I persevere.

This sounds really tedious but I actually find it really enjoyable. The reason behind this is a simple one - I'm good at manipulating systems, as many of you know. When I'm dealing with uni staff I have to try to get them to understand that whilst the system is built one way, there's no reason why it has to work just in one way. This usually isn't very difficult even if it does get accompanied by "umm"s and "I'm technically not supposed to do this". Another one that often seems to come up is that SAAS (I believe that's the acronym) won't pay up if I arrange things my way. Despite my very pronounced English accent it would seem that none of them consider that I'm not a Scottish national (or long-term resident, etc..) and as such am not eligible to have my fees paid by their government!

It amused me particularly this time as when I went up to the desk with my choices I was asked my name. Upon hearing it I was greeted with a grin and a "Oh you're Ben Fox. You're like a legend!"
Yes, I have a huge ego.
Anyway, it seems it wasn't a coincidence that Patrick Hart knows me by my first name - evidently I am someone that comes up a lot, given the way I work the system to do my bidding.
She'd seen my name written down in many places and had conversed with me via email. Well, kinda.

I received an email from this new member of staff and quickly responded. After that I heard nothing. The thing being that she had in fact written a response but had ended up sending this to a member of staff rather than to me and no one had pointed out that maybe it that staff member should have sent a message back saying "Uh, who was this supposed to go to?". Either way, I never got the message. Chaos ensues.

It's fun!

Other events of note - the nearby canal has frozen over, except a small area around the bridge - end result, lots of ducks. There were eight males and six female mallards as well as a couple of moorhens. I think they were moorhens, anyway. They moved like tiny tugboats and had red beaks, I believe that's right.
Mmmm, ducks.

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