I've just finished my first lecture of the semester (no, Napier, I refuse to call it a "trimester").

Generally I'm feeling pretty positive about it, even if I was one of the three people brave enough to speak up during the class. It was as if the entire class was terrified to say anything, how bizarre. Or maybe it's not and I've just missed so many classes that I'm utterly out of touch with the norm for uni students here at Napier.

Something that also struck me as odd was that most of the class, as in, everyone except me, was wearing muted dark colours. Now normally I don't notice but in this case I was wearing my snowboarding jacket (light grey with lots of orange) over my flame shirt and flame cuffs, a veritable walking fireball. I do so love to stand out.

It's also worth mentioning that our heating has FINALLY been repaired. I woke up to the sound of it being repaired and then got up around an hour after it'd started running. The pile of dishes has already been tackled leaving only a few stragglers and the heating was on full blast until about 1400, allowing us the luxury of wandering around in shorts and tshirts whilst the snow still lay fairly thick outside. Ah, heating, how we've missed you.

I'm still working on acquiring some film for my SLR although I've some in mind over on eBay, although it's about five years out of date. I'm told that won't really matter as its not colour film, I hope the advice is sound although regardless it shouldn't cost me much and should allow me the chance to get the hang of using the hardware.

In the meantime I need to figure out all my commitments and objectives at the moment - I'm currently in a period of flux though as it's not the end of the second week and as such I'm not quite sure how busy I'm going to be. I'm doing my best to keep society work organised so it doesn't creep up on me and drag me under. Similarly I'm trying to organise social events on my calendar so I know in advance when I'm definitely busy, something I've not really done before.

I dislike when others force structure on me, usually because it's a generalised structure that doesn't work for me (such as huge numbers of "self-study" on my timetable - another way of saying that they don't want to have to actually use their staff, it seems). That said, it seems if I can set a reasonable structure with enough time left aside for freedom I should be okay. I need time to be able to relax and these kinds of periods can't be scheduled rigidly or I don't use them. Complicated, I know.

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