Apparently this is blog post number 100. How about that?
This is of course entirely subject to change as I can retroactively blog (that's how I transferred over all my old Bebo blog posts).

This evening I've been hammering away at the new intro sequence for the NSS podcast. It has some rather nifty title card things, although I'm not going to show them off just now. They may go out on this week's show, either that or next week. Soon all will be revealed!

In the meantime I'm trying to figure out how to cheaply put together the following two things:

  • A 35mm Depth-of-Field Adapter
  • A supporting rail system

The idea behind the former is to allow my video camera (Panasonic GS300) to use lenses from a 35mm camera. Why would I want to do that?
Well, the answer is pretty simple - to allow for nicer footage and shallower depth of field. You might notice how camera footage from a video camera/digicam/phone looks very different from footage in movies. One of the reasons is the depth of field.

By using a 35mm adapter I would be able to shoot footage where the background or foreground isn't in focus. This way whatever I'm focusing on stands out more prominently, giving depth of field. VoilĂ , much nicer looking footage.

Of course, I may be completely misunderstanding the whole matter, but this is what I've understood so far.

The problem is of course that whilst I have both a macro lens, a 35mm lens and a videocamera, I need the stuff to make them work together. I need stuff to connect them together and some ground glass (or similar translucent material). Hopefully I'll be able to find suitable stuff and make it happen.

Once I've put one together there's the next problem - supporting the damn thing. My camera is just a small thing and doesn't have the strongest of connections. Hell, half the time the damn wide-angle keeps falling off.

To fix this I need to design a system of supportive rods, something I'm still working on in my mind. The main issues being cost, materials and tools. I'm not sure what would be most cost effective and where to source it. I'm thinking perhaps curtain rails or ski poles as a basis. Not quite sure how to attach them but they could probably hold the weight.
Either that or we could butcher another tripod..

The main reason this has become a priority is because we're on the verge of releasing the fifth season of the podcast. The intro sequence is getting a fairly drastic revamp and we've added an extra crew member, bringing us up to a total of six regulars. I want to keep pushing us to be better and one thing that we can improve is our filming.

Following that I need to either buy, research or invent portable lighting solutions.

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