Man the shotguns - Zombies!
It was a recent Friday. Hannah was here from Bangor, Rik and Steph from their flat and my girlfriend from wherever she is when she's not in the library. Oh and the three of us from our flat.

Anyways, to business!
Initial attempts to understand our new copy of HUMANS!!! came up fruitless and came close to scuttling the evening, but onwards with ZOMBIES!!! we persevered. Our attempts paid off and a truly epic game ensued. Yes, I know, maybe it's a bit geeky to spend a Friday evening playing a boardgame, but one shouldn't forget that earlier in the week we were out partying, so it seemed only right to stay in this time around.

There were drinks, there were films but there were also ravenous zombie hoards, silly photos and Chris having victory torn from under his nose. Admittedly he would only have come second, Nicoletta chose the alternative path to victory and brutally slaughtered the required 25 zombies whilst the rest of us were still trying to figure out how to get to the helipad (and how to stop all those other gits getting there first!).

The phrase "No, fuck YOUUUUUU!" certainly came up a lot, as was to be expected but it alone could not top the wonderful photo of Chris throwing a one whilst standing on the helipad's centre square. That final zombie nommed his character and that was the end of him. Poor Chris.

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