The other day I was blogging about building terrain for a Mordheim campaign and today I received some paints and finished the first piece. My multi-storey brothel is open for business, well, no, it's closed due to some sort of giant vermin infestation. Regardless, click on the thumbnails to embiggen the pics, either that or deploy a giant lizard. One way to find out, I suppose.
The tiles are made from strips of card taken from a Stella Artois box and took a little while to chop out but I think the result is good enough, although as it has been pointed out, a little too pristine. I may fix that later, but no promises - this is supposed to be fairly simple terrain rather than artistically detailed. Oh and they were painted with a mix of red and Bestial Brown.

The floors were far easier - I removed them and sliced at them with a scalpel. Using a ruler, of course (made that mistake when I was younger, the results were hideous). However scalpel alone didn't produce a pronounced enough groove so I grabbed the little nail file thing that manufacturers build into those little nail clippers - a few strokes of that sorted them (I repeated this after painting with Vallejo's equivalent of Snakebite Leather).As for the main structure, well, that was "red gore". I could have painted to a solid colour but I rather like the washed-out drabness I achieved. Yes, in this case it was intentional!
I also started painting some of my unpainted Skaven dudes. Not quite finished the two I'm working on but they'll soon be done (I'll get the Captain to photographise those though, I'm a bit too incompetent).A quick shout-out has to go to the ebay seller I bought my paints and brushes from flagbearer101 ( and their ebay store DRUM and FLAG ) . I've never been quite as impressed before. I picked out the paints and brushes (I opted for the cheap brushes). I ordered yesterday and at ~0830 this morning there was a posty banging on the door with a package for me. Oh and they sent me their more expensive brushes. Colour me smug.

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