Following my post about my unwillingness to join Facebook there was a flurry of comments on my Bebo blog both for and against, neither of which changed my mind considerably. If anything those of my friends who want me to join Facebook just made me want to dig my heels in further. Thankfully my flatmate, Matt, knows how to convince me. It helps to stop and take a moment to try to discern my reasons for taking a particular position.

Is it a practical concern? An ideological one? Or alternative number three.. sheer bloody-mindedness?

Previously my aversion to Facebook was an ideological one but the terms and conditions were eventually changed.
Currently my main activity on Bebo is blogging, I used to post photos as well but only occasionally. Bebo's blogging support is fairly crappy and doesn't support embedding videos or images. Neither does it support update-via-email (the method I'm using to post this post and used to post my Arriva Trains Wales rant from my iPhone whilst I was in transit).
What it does support is an audience. I used to use Blogger and never removed my account but I found I wasn't getting any real eyes on my words.
With Bebo declining I was getting fewer and fewer people reading my blog, so sensibly it would be better to move it to somewhere it will be seen.

So, the reasoning behind my aversion to Facebook is a combination of practicality and stubbornness.
Matt knows that trying to coax me to do something I don't want to do is usually a waste of time, it just encourages me to persevere.
Matt also knows that Blogger is a far better tool for blogging and by checking on applications for Facebook he found that it was quite possible to embed my Blogger blog in my profile, should I create one on Facebook. This would mean no sacrifices, just gains. The same eyes are looking at Facebook, meaning an audience exists, bigger than the previous one, in fact, but also that I could use far nicer tools.

I've not created a Facebook account yet, but I'm considering it.

My other major problem with moving to a new social network is time invested in Bebo. When I joined Napier it was incredibly popular, easily outweighing Facebook, so I took the time to upload content to my profile and use it. By moving to Facebook I would need to make that time commitment again and who is to say how long until Facebook is no longer the network of choice?

To solve this problem I am doing my best to determine where to host my content. My blog will be on Blogger and be syndicated into my current primary social network.
I'm not certain on where to store my photos. Flickr is very popular, for example, but I do not wish to pay to use the service (without paying I can have 200 pics online, a limit I hit long ago). I also do not like that Yahoo! own Flickr as, to be frank, I feel they're somewhat of a technological cul-de-sac, a remnant of the way the Internet used to be. Quaint, memorable, but nowhere near as good as their rivals.

I'm also considering Google's Picasa service. It currently boasts 1024MB of storage, which may well be enough. I use Picasa running in a virtual machine to store my iPhone photos (my primary camera these days) so uploading them to web albums should be easy. I'm not sure whether this is the best long-term solution though.

Video content I have (Virtually only NSS stuff) is already on YouTube and BlipTV and that just about covers it.

So, once I get my photo storage solution selection done it shouldn't be too difficult to join any other modern social networks and carry my content with me, rather than being faced with the problem that Steph is currently dealing with - having a huge number of photos in an album on a social network and not being able to easily move them elsewhere or download them in a quick and convenient manner.

I believe Picasa even has a Facebook plugin, which is somewhat of a bonus and I'm told the iPhone application is rather good too.
Either way - in order to get me to do something pleading, demanding or persisting is not the way to get it done.
I've done my best to learn how to ask people to do things in a way that will leave them inclined to comply - I don't always succeed, mind you, but there's patterns that people follow, once you can see the pattern it becomes easy to know how to work with them.

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