Finally finished them. Seriously. I have a to-do list down in Wales written in about 2000 that contains the item "finish painting Skaven". Well, done. It's done.

More interestingly, it seems my painting has actually improved in the intervening time. I wasn't brilliant before and I'm still not that good, but I rather like the results. Below is one of my Skaven, the last one I finished. A black Skaven with fighting claws.

There's also two Skaven nightrunners weilding slings and knives but they were somewhat painted when I started out. The black Skaven was just primed and it turned out rather nicely, I think. I hope I get a chance to use them in a game of Mordheim soon, but regardless it's nice to have finally finished them. I ought to finish my Escher gang at some point too but that might take a little longer.

I've also designed a load of flat-pack terrain and much of it is done and painted but that can wait until another day. The basic idea being that it can be carried in something as small as a folder or small box in a backpack and be used to setup a playing field just about anywhere, unlike the terrain I used to build that was difficult to move at all. More on that later.

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