People are abandoning Bebo at a pretty rapid rate it seems. I would join them if the "upgrade" was to something other than Facebook. Sorry, no. Not happening.

I've spent enough time uploading content here and blogging that I just don't feel like doing it all again. It takes a lot of time and effort and I'm just not up for it.
It annoys me more that when others leave they'll end up taking content with them. By deleting their account they delete their photos, many of which I'm tagged in. Fun.

I do have somewhat of an abandonment complex but that was pre-existing, rather than a product of this. Regardless it's nice to know that if I joined Facebook I'd be similarly ignored after the initial flurry of attention, being the latest novelty.

There's a few people on Facebook that I'd quite like to keep contact with, but if that means selling out my principals then I'd rather suffer. Given my past history with social networks it's fairly likely that Facebook would start to decline shortly after me joining, meaning all my effort would be for little long-term stability.

Perhaps it won't, but I'm not going to spend the resources finding out. If all others fall away then perhaps I will join as it might guarantee that I won't have to rebuild after a year, but that's a pretty big if.

As an aside, from what I've been told there is essentially no decent native blogging support. No sale, sorry. Bebo's blogging system doesn't do half the things I'd like but at least it exists properly and can generate an RSS feed.

Also, the lack of public URL for a profile is a major point of contention for me. I like that when I go to "" I get my profile. It's an easy way for me to be visible. "Find me on Facebook" just doesn't hold the same ring.

Come on, Google, buy out Facebook or market your own to the UK. Orkut might be brilliant but I'm totally in the dark about its features.

Friends will continue to abandon Bebo at a steady rate I've no doubt, it's a shame but most of them disappeared long ago anyway so it's mostly just making it official. I ought to do another cull, I guess.

So, to sum up..
I said I wouldn't join Facebook when Hatty asked me.
I said I wouldn't join Facebook when Heather pleaded with me.
If I said no to them, chances are it's a definite "no".
Yes, I'm stubborn as a mule.

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