What is it about this company?
Why are they so broken that it is unusual for one of their trains to arrive at the scheduled time?
I am literally surprised if I'm on one of their services and I arrive on time.

Worse than that are the breakdowns -in approximately 70% of the journeys I've taken between Crewe and Carmarthen don't make it. Sometimes a replacement arrives with fifteen minutes, other times it takes hours. This time on the way down the train contained no functional toilets
and then was stopped at Cardiff. On the way back up the train is delayed. Nice.

How is it that the Virgin trains I've taken are considerably nicer aesthetically but also have fairly extensive buffet cars? (the old Arriva trains contain only a food trolly and no plug sockets)

Furthermore, it's a rare event that they're late, in my personal experience. Sometimes they're even *early*!
I've never had a Virgin train break down on me either, come to that.

Perhaps Arriva can't compete by upgrading their fleet but would it kill them to publish realistic arrival times? Either that or get their engineers to have a look at their trains' flux capacitors.

So, in about half an hour I'll nearly be in Crewe, unless it has been delayed AGAIN..

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