It's quite tricky trying to create new characters to keep my main one company. No, I'm not talking about MPD or any other form of severe psychosis.

Some of you may be aware that I draw, just like my father before me. You didn't know that? Try to keep up..

Anyway, of late I've been drawing more and doing my best to improve my art and the time it takes to draw. I get bored quickly and so need to be able to finish drawings quickly before I get bored and give up to do something that delivers more immediate satisfaction (no, not that..).

Apparently some webcomic artists spend six to eight hours per "edition" (Questionable Content updates five days a week, each update takes about that long). Even if I was as good an artist, I still wouldn't want to spend that long on something so short, not when I could be doing something else.

Anyway, I managed to draw my flatmate, Chris in the style and was actually fairly pleased, he is recognisably Chris whilst retaining my own personal style. Nice one. I also drew myself and was fairly pleased with the result, as I've never actually drawn myself in the same style I draw Marlem.

Marlem himself I don't find very difficult to draw - shortish dark hair, blocky chin, bit of a beard, hat with logo on, random baggy clothes (usually).

Marlem's personality is based on aspects of mine, but he isn't actually me, but he's enough of me that I can figure out how he'd react to a given situation. When it comes to adding other characters I don't want them to be based on me, one character is enough, methinks. However, lacking empathy I really struggle to think like anyone else, meaning I can't really create new characters. I'm tempted to add Chris to Marlem's world as he's suitably weird to provide a fair bit of humour, that said, I'm not sure what the character should look like, although he probably will have to have an alter ego as Captain Applepants..

Eventually I'll get good enough to competently draw woman in the style, but I'm not there yet, so it'll probably be guys only for now. I could do with a scanner in the flat though, might have to try and bring mine up from Wales, if I can get the damn thing to work with Linux.

Worse than that though.. I've only got a single stick of HB pencil lead remaining, no 2B at all and it's Sunday evening, so all the art shops are shut! Crisis!

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