This may end up a very geeky post, you've been warned.

If you don't know, my laptop actually arrived on Monday. Awesomeness +5. Perhaps being without your own personal machine wouldn't bother you that much, but my laptop is a rather important part of my life. I've talked about why before, so I don't feel like rehashing that.

Anyways, what it means right now is that I've had to spend a lot of time going through our enormous stack of tapes. Between two cameras we've got a hell of a lot of footage, including a whole drama society performance, from two angles. Each tape is an hour long and is ripped in real time, meaning it takes a long time. Thankfully, that task has been nailed. Next I've got to go through, edit that footage and catalogue the bits and pieces that don't fall into a specific category, you know, so when we make a montage we've got footage to use (*must resist urge to burst into song..*).

It also means I can finally sync my phone again, something rather important.. Without being able to sync it to my machine, I can't put new music on my iPhone, I can't get new podcasts or update my photo collection, amongst other things. Irritating.

Well, aside from that it also means that I can now play with the web-interface aspects of my media centre. Our media centre can do stuff I wasn't even aware of and I built her!

The web-based interface means I pull up a web page when I'm connected in my flat and it'll show me the videos stored on the server, things recorded from TV, music and more. Well, I don't have any music on this laptop, for the most part, but I do have music on the server. The web component of her can generate randomised playlists and then allow me to download a playlist file which allows me to easily stream the music on my lappy. Score.

Another awesome thing - any TV programmes recorded can be streamed in the same way. I spent half an hour earlier catching up on The Daily Show (Global Edition), recorded on one of our freeview cards from when it was broadcast on Monday.

I think I might be able to watch films as well, from our collection. Not going to explore that tonight, I'm too tired.

It might be worth mentioning that this is all wireless. I'm using my laptop, which connects to our main wireless network*, into which Rapture, our media monolith is cabled into. Almost as cool as having a video conversation with my parents when they're in New Zealand (oh, come on. I'm connected to our connection wirelessly, it then goes via the main networks to a satelite, is beamed down to their personal satelite connection in NZ, into a router, then wirelessly to my mother or father's laptop. And back. Fast enough to have a totally fluid conversation in realtime. COME ON! IT'S LIKE LIVING IN THE FUTURE!).

I'm considering setting up a Stickam account for the media centre too so there's a webcam running in the flat at all times, accessible from the intarwebz. Depends how badly it'd impact our upload bandwidth though. Hmm.. shall have to have a think about that one.

Right, I'm going to consider sleep.

(*yes, we have two, don't ask unless you really want us to explain..)

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