Following a confusing struggle with a hotel website and timing out a train time website at least twice, I've now got a reservation and some prepared train times for the geekiest event of the summer. No, not our Rock Band jam sessions - Lugradio Live 2008.
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I can't remember if I've nattered about how I'm in the banner pic or not, but I am. With a camera. Which is obscured by someone's head. That's why I look so intent, not because I'm annoyed.

I've not decided who is going to get a good booting this time for being shit. Last year it was Cedega and Wikipedia. Kdenlive is definitely going to be getting at least a bit of a shoeing for being less stable than a one legged tightrope walker.

Hmm. I know. Cinelerra. It's apparently quite advanced but this doesn't change the fact that it's ugly as sin, incredibly un-user-friendly and struggles on any machine that doesn't have a screen resolution measured in billions of pixels. Sorry, Cinelerra, I've got a fucking laptop, not a three screened 1080P megafest.

On the plus side, I hope the MythTV bods will be there again so I can say "cheers for the demo last year, guess what my flatmate and I built since then?". They seemed fairly disappointed with the event last year, hope they've cheered up since then.

Not looking forward to getting up at six in the morning to catch a train though. Sounds a bit shit, but it'll be worth it.

Minor side note with regards to the video box:
"Having AutoPlay on gives you the best media experience on Bebo. When you visit another user's profile, their Video Box will automatically start playing their current favorite video."
How do you figure, Bebo?
I love it when I load someone's profile and it starts playing some random crap automatically. It's tip top!
It's also wonderful for those times when using a connection that isn't too nippy, doesn't slow things down or aggravate the viewer one bit!

Get a clue, Bebo staff.

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