Between Matt and myself, I do wonder how we ever have time to play any games, watch any movies or do any uni work. We seem to spend an inordinate amount of time hammering out ideas for movies and games.

That isn't to say it's boring.
Gods no, it's exactly the opposite, hence the amount of time it eats!

I just feel somewhat bad when I stay up until 0700 talking, or keep Matt awake when he has an exam in the morning.

Our current idea is based around a movie - a religiously orientated one and correcting the travesties committed in the name of religion. It takes place in a timeline up to and including an end of days, biblical apocalypse type scenario. Whilst Jesus himself is an important character in the plot, it's critical to realise that neither myself nor Matt is or are religious, Christian or whatever.

However, that said we still appreciate the positive aspects of religious teaching, after all, that is what it is supposed to exist for, not to create barriers, pain, hatred and so on, a fact so often missed by the powerful and corrupt institutes that plague this Earth.

I don't particularly want to give away too much of what we've planned, but the underlying themes are tolerance of others, unity with our fellow humans, appreciation that wisdom is not always found in scripture. Another important factor in it is balance (which is especially important in writing the screenplay) .

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