There's not many things I still want, materially. Years ago there was lots but through some sensible choices I've got basically all the consumer stuff I want. I've got a well spec'ed laptop, a brilliant mobile, plenty of clothes and access to all the content I could want.
So I compiled a list of small things. Pretty much all of them would cost less than five pounds.These aren't things I'm asking for, but I would be happy to receive any of them, as long as they're given with sincerity.
-A new hairbrush
-Several pairs of socks
-Vanilla Sky on DVD
-A cheap USB mouse for the media centre
-Lunch with soup and a chat
-A couple of shots of tequila, one each.
-A second hand copy of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 for my PS2
-Four packs of Wrigleys Extra Fire chewing gum and four packs of Dextrose sugar tablets
-A photo that you like, with yourself and me in it, but only if you like it.
-A poster of one of my three favourite films.

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