Hmm, a nice evening, a coffee that is actually tall, rather than Starbuck's interpretation of tall, oh and free wifi. Score.

I've been filming at the drama society tech setup, not much to see there, not until the lighting is finished at least. We're going to be filming the show tomorrow, hopefully it'll work out well.

It would seem everyone is ridiculously busy at the moment, they always are at this time of year. I've got a few things on, more than usual but I've still got spare time.. This isn't directed at any single person, it seems most of my friends are busy. Chris is running around like a crazed thing, Lydia's schedule is equally hectic and I've only been able to steal Hatty's attention away from her affairs for about half an hour this entire month.

I should probably book my hotel room in Trondheim too for my journey back from Sweden.

I've got a couple of questions though; mainly which events am I missing in order to have free time? But also - what kinds of Christmas presents do normal people buy each other?

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