As I lie in bed, vaguely attempting to ignore the racket the flat above me is making, I wonder how much they actually like this city.
I'm not a big fan of any cities in the UK but as it stands, I really like Edinburgh. Glasgow makes me feel somewhat unsafe and I've no real desire to visit any other cities up here. Why should I when this city is my home from metaphorical home?

Sometimes, when I've been at uni for many hours and the sun is long gone (The sun sets at around 1530..) as I'm leaving campus I step outside and just stand looking out across the city as it lies, laid out in front of me. The glittering lights and, the tops of some of the more prominent buildings look so beautiful to me. I'd love to post a photo but I don't think I even can set my camera to have the kind of exposure time it'd require to capture it. Maybe Chris could help me with that.

I wonder how many people actually intentionally chose to go to uni here in Edinburgh taking into account the city itself and how many people merely chose the university itself?

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