I could be at my HRM lecture.
I could be planning to go to the tutorial afterwards in room 3/10.
I could be lying in bed thinking about how I've not been back to Brecon since CCB's Prize Day back in 2005.
That small town was in many ways my home for the best part of a decade. It'll be very weird to return, especially as I know I'm not bound by any rules or time limits. There's lots of Brecon I never really explored because of those, that and I had no real reason to.

I suppose that having never really had the chance to wander alone in a town as a child (having lived in the countryside) I readily accepted the rules and limits the school imposed.

I often say that the strongest things binding us are the invisible walls in our heads. We seem to train ourselves to see what we can't do and then just accept that. A friend pointed out that the analogy can be improved by stating that these aren't walls really, they're doors. All it takes to open them is the realisation that we can.

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