I still love that sound clip ( http://woodendice.org/flamekebab/Firebat-LetsBurn.mp3 ).
Speaking of burninators and similar nonsensical critters - Trogdor rawks. Yes indeedy. TROGDOOOORR!

I was probably aiming for some sort of point, but I think the main thing on my mind that I feel like sharing as that the iPhone calls to me. It really does. It's the first gadget in years to actually appeal enough for me to save up cash to buy it.

Fortunately, the contract costs are no big deal, I already pay that much per month for my current contract, but still, ~£270 is cash I currently don't have (although hopefully the society will shortly be paying me back some of the cash I loaned it).

To raise cash (and to get rid of some junk), I'm selling off my PSP games (and eventually my PSPs). Why the hell do people buy UMDs of things like The Office on ebay? I mean, I'm charging £9 including postage for a second-hand UMD. You can get them on Play.com for £7.99 (inc postage!).
Hell, I got them from UMD for £5.99 several years ago!

Very odd, but I'm not complaining. Hopefully I'll get a decent price for my PSPs, I don't want to lose too much on them, but I don't expect to make a profit, they're just not worth that much any more. I have no reason to keep them though, I never use them any more, they just sit there gathering dust like expensive paperweights.

I don't have a money problem, but cash flow can cause problems too!

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