No, I've not died, become a troglodyte or decided to dine solely on chips of concrete, I've just been damn busy this week.

Without Tom by my side here at the NSS there's no way we'd have got things done. Chris and Callum have done a lot for the society, but Tom has gone ridiculously above and beyond the call of, well, not duty, but you get the idea!

Essentially, the NSS has been consuming my time and energy this week. I've done some uni work as well, but I can't say that it's overly taxing. Fortunately, stuff for the NSS gets easier the more we do it as we quickly learn what works, what doesn't work and where to go next.

Also, not that anyone is likely to read this, if I've not replied to messages, it's nothing personal, I'm just cream-crackered at the moment. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

Update your blog, some of us are nosey about what you're up to and how much drama you're causing.
You know who you are.

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