It begins.
Our first season 2 podcast isn't out yet, it would have been out tonight, but Chris went out before finishing our jingle, so it'll have to wait until the morning.

That said, I'm not resentful in the slightest, as he was at the NSU with the Drama Society and the Snowsports Society (another NSS!), in an official capacity, networking, making us known, making friends for us.

A certain friend of mine, the one who knows me better than anyone else, has faith that I can pull this off. I know that if we play our hand carefully and fortune favours us, we can reform and rebuild the Napier student culture. Based on my previous experiences, either I make my own luck, or Lady Luck has her eye on me.

We've got good people that I have faith in who are enthusiastic about our cause. We've got allies and contacts. We've even got events planned.
All we're going to need now is you.

Also, for the couple of people that made us chuckle by asking how the NSS found their email addresses to add them on Bebo.. Good one, guys. You wrote down the addresses on our clipboards! Remember?

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