Whilst waiting for "Death Sentence" to get to the fun parts in the cinema this evening, I was having a little think, as I always do. Far too damn often.

I wondered - who makes you feel truly vulnerable?

Perhaps for some of you it's everyone, or nearly everyone. Others maybe don't feel emotionally vulnerable around anyone. I don't feel emotionally vulnerable very often. I do my very best to choose to surround myself with people I can trust, who I can relax around. Low blood sugar aside, it's rare that they make me feel insecure or like they could hurt me.

I can only think of a very tiny minority of people who make me feel unsteady and insecure, but I try hard to make sure that those that do, do so because of good reasons, rather than because I fear them.

Certainly, some people make me a bit nervous, but at the end of the proverbial day, I don't feel vulnerable, just a tad edgy. I find it irritating when things make me nervous, especially when my mind is relaxed but my body is getting all shakey.

That's your lot for today.
I hope you didn't think I'd name names. Silly rabbit.

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