Being geekily-inclined, I'll occasionally blog about video games. It says in the title though, so if you're still reading, it's your own damn fault if you get bored.

Chris and I recently finished playing through RE4 for the Wii, well, that suggests we were both at the controls, which wasn't the case. It was more a case of him playing whilst I sat in the background occasionally giving advice, but mostly just adding colour commentary.

You see, as dark and creepy as RE games are supposed to be, it's difficult to be on edge when your mates are constantly taking the piss out of in-game characters, inconsistencies and the sheer silliness of some situations.

We didn't want too much of a challenge, so the whole game was completed on easy mode. Admittedly, until right at the end, it was ludicrously easy. The amount of ammo we had for our three to four weapons was at times measured in triple figures, despite the fact that the game didn't seem to want to allow us to buy ammo from our merchant.. uh.. friend.

This merchant is seen wearing a trench coat with a hood as well as a scarf:

He seems to either be the victim of a cloning experiment, or be ridiculously fast, as he shows up throughout the game in unlikely places carrying enough weapons to arm a small battalion.

He was instantly given the name "Comrade Rapist", partly due to the way he whips open his coat saying "WELCOME!" and the fact that he never learnt our character's name, even at the end of the damn game. There's something about a guy with an unplaceable accent (a combination of English, American, Australian and possibly Russian) wearing a long coat who refers to you as "stranger" and chuckles..

Boss enemies included a pair of middle-aged women brandishing chainsaws, a giant thing that looked a lot like Golem and a high priest wearing a goat mask, armed with a pair of miniguns in an anti-aircraft setup.. ..indoors.

The only enemies that gave us the slightest problems were things called "regenerators" and their even more vicious brethren (or possibly sistren..) in the shape of the rather prickly "iron maidens"

To kill them you need some sort of special thermal scope for the rifle. We never found the scope, so we first dodged and then discovered that our ludicrously over-powered pistol could kill the fuckers anyway.

You're supposed to aim for their hidden parasites using the scope. We did what we do best - blast indiscriminately!
It would seem that those two are possibly the only zombie-like creatures ever to roam the Earth that are, in fact, shotgun-proof. Bastards.

Towards the end of the game it did get to the point where we sighed and said "COME ON! IS THERE ANYTHING LEFT TO KILL?!". Perhaps it dragged on a tad too long? Or maybe we're impatient.

We'd run out of shotgun upgrades by that point though, so there was little more to strive for. When you've got a shotgun doing 28 damage per shell and with a capacity of 18 or so shells, neither zombie or mutants stand in your way.

When we finally did finish the game and I had a chat with a friend of ours.. Well.. apparently our kill count of over 800 was a bit, uh, OTT?
He'd killed in the region of 160 to finish it.
I don't know about him, but Chris and I are of the school of thought that dictates that if they're still shambling towards you, keep firing until they don't. Doctor Remington's Cure-all, if you will.


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