I'm not that much of a music fan. I like music, certainly. I like a lot of music, my tastes are broader than most people mistakenly assume.
Earlier a friend of mine was discussing Offspring albums, which made me consider that perhaps today I should try and compile a list of albums that I like every song on (excluding intros, outros and skits). The list has a vague order, but mostly it's just vaguely which I prefer.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
An album I first listened to back when I was in second form, I believe, but I'm not certain. The release date makes it feasible, but I can't clearly remember. I definitely remember Sennett listening to it when I was in third form. I like every song on it and it was one of the small losses I incurred when I shared a room with Simon Parry. His apparent love of the chilis irritated me to the point where I simply did not feel inclined to listen to them. I've not really listened to anything before this album or after this album. I prefer to keep it as a time capsule of that time before we had the "privilege" of milling around the campus, when my evenings were more fun. They're starting to be fun again these days, but for a long time they weren't.

The Offspring - Americana
This album harks back to my early days at CCB, when I was eleven. The album was released 31 days before my twelth birthday, so I reckon it's more likely I first heard it when I was twelve. I associate it with Owen Evans, I think, but I think later Jon Wells owned a copy. These names probably mean nothing to you, but I'm writing them down whilst my memory holds. I don't think I bought a copy until second form, but it was one of my favourite albums of the time. I'm not so interested in the final track, Pay The Man, but all the rest I adore.

Dr. Dre - 2001
I bought this album at the same time as a couple of Eminem albums (The Slimshady LP and The Marshal Mathers LP). The eminem albums I like, but they didn't make the list. This album though.. I still love this album. I have no silly aspirations to be a "gangsta" or anything like that, but I still appreciate this album. I remember listening to it in, uh, fourth form? I was in School House at the time, before it was done up and made to be quite as fancy as it ended up being. Back when the only door to the changing room was in full view of the main entrance to the house (Smart idea there..). I forget the name of the sixth former I randomly quoted a line at, although the names "Matt" and "Dan" spring to mind, one of those. Some rugby lad, one from the year group I never liked. I've still no idea why I did that, not that it had any consequences, he just said words to the effect of "WTF?".

Infected Mushroom - IM the Supervisor
I think I was in upper sixth when I acquired this album. I was in Stockholm at the time, spending a week with a friend of my mother, a teacher who is, for all intents and purposes, my aunt. I spent a bit of time in the city and a bit of time in her school (it was half-term for me, but not for the kids there). I didn't take any classes there, but I did wander around the school a little, which was interesting (I believe my oldest sister went to this school). I'm not tall by Swedish standards, I'm average. Of course, here in the UK, I seem to be taller than lots of people. More importantly, I found that Stockholm is where I feel at home. It feels more like home than anywhere else I've ever known. While I was there I was in a music shop in a fairly large mall. One of the sets of headphones in the store was hooked up to this album and I had a bit of a listen and loved it. A few days later I came back and bought it. Never regretted it, although the tracks remind me of loneliness, albeit not in a way that is all bad. Hatty also loves Infected Mushroom, particularly their track Dancing With Kadafi.

Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams
Towards the end of my time at CCB, one of my best friends, Tom, nabbed the disc from the newspaper the boarding house would get each day. I think the disc was The Times' "The Month". On there was an article and some music by Jack Johnson. Within days he'd bought the album. I quickly grabbed a copy of the tracks and listened to them. I remember eating white chocolate chip cookies and listening to "Banana Pancakes" on a lazy afternoon. More recently I got hold of the album on vinyl. Nice.

M.O.P. - Warriorz
This album took me a while to really listen to. I think I ripped a copy in fourth form, way back. I borrowed it along with a load of other CDs from Rob Dennis, I seem to recall. A Tribe Called Quest was also in that stack of discs, but I don't adore their album enough for it to make it onto this list. Almost though. I'm not really sure when I properly listened to it. Originally I liked "Anti-up" most, but as I listened to the album properly I came to love every track.

Blink-182 - Enema of the State
ANOTHER story behind this one. Yes, sorry. Stop reading if you're bored!
This album belonged to my original "best" friend (now I have too many to choose just one). Ashley Tapp. Back in the day, when I first started CCB, when we still occasionally saw each other (I've not seen him recently - every time I go down to Wales we never seem to manage to meet up for a drink). He burnt me a copy of this album and told me I'd like it. He was damn right.
I only have vague recollections of most of my time in Mongolia, although the memories are fairly vivid compared to some of my time at CCB. Over the summer when I was 13 I left school a week or two early at the end of the final term of second form. Heathrow to Moscow. Moscow to somewhere in Siberia. Siberia to Ulan Bator, capital of Mongolia. Throughout my time in Mongolia I listened to this album. Even though I've listened to it countless times, I still love it.

Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American
The version of this album I listened to was called "Jimmy Eat World", not to be confused with the 1994 album. It was renamed to "Bleed American" after the twin towers came down. That said, "Bleed American" contains a few more tracks. If you click the link you'll see, but all the tracks after 10 weren't on the version I got my hands on. Anyway! I was staying in Northumberland over the summer and back then we had staff staying there with us. One of the guys had a copy of this album and I borrowed it one afternoon. Good move, because it turned out to be one of my favourite albums of all time.

Panic! At the Disco - A Fever You Can't Sweat Out
This album probably ranks as the most recent in my personal history. I was talking to Hatty on MSN one evening and she sent me "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off". I can't say I've heard many songs that I liked so much, so quickly. She probably dislikes it by now, but I still adore this song. Later I got hold of the whole album and found that it was one of those albums that I adore. I recall listening to it on my PSP in GaZ's living room in Bangor, damn it was cold there.

I don't know how many of you have counted, but that's only nine albums. There's one more that doesn't fit on the list like the others, because it isn't by a big name band. I'm not even sure if it counts as an album, as it's mostly just a demo tape with five tracks on it.

Section8 - Right Here Now

This album was put together when I was in first form in CCB. It was sold by members of the band and I got my copy from Jochen himself, I think I paid three quid for it. The original tape was black, but I made a copy. The original escaped, sadly. One of my classmates, Gabrielle Walker, had a stereo in our common room in second form. I left the tape in there one day and she took the stereo up to the girls' dorm in Alway. Upon asking for it back she had a look and couldn't find it anywhere. Either that or she never looked. Unless she reads this, I doubt I'll ever know.

I lamented my loss of the tape for a long time. I asked around CCB but no one else had a copy it seems. Then, this year I think it was, I was poking around my room in Wales and found the copy I made! Woop! Whacking it into the tape deck I recorded it to my laptop and carefully labelled each song. I hope I never lose it again. I still have the original album artwork though and had scanned it some time before, click the link to see it.

..and that's the end of the list. It's nearly half four in the morning, my head hurts and I need sleep, but damnit if I was going to leave this list half-finished.

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