How many of you saw Smokin' Aces in the cinema?
If you did, I hope you enjoyed a fast-paced, constantly accelerating, insanity fest. I did. I actually sat there open-mouthed for much of the film.

As you might imagine, I wanted to see it again and I've been too strapped for bandwidth to get a copy of it, erm, I mean, uh, it wasn't out yet..

"Putting in the disc" and taking a seat on one of our sofas, about two and a half metres from our 32" 720p HDTV*.

Then it all went a bit slowly for a bit until the film got up to speed, about twenty minutes in, give or take.

The hitmen are introduced, Soot, no problem. But then Pasqual Acosta.. Cold killer dude. Very much shortened torture sequence for his introduction. Well, not to worry..

The Tremors wrestled with each other, as per in the cinema and one of these insane, neo-nazi rednecks did his amusing "dialogue" (a monologue utilising Ben Affleck's corpse as a second person).

Minor cuts here and there, but nothing too drastic. But then.. But then..
The major point of the film, once all the foxes are in the henhouse and it's all about to go, erm, for want of a better term "off the hook".


It was attacked by some sensitive flower-child with an editing suite!
The Tremors barely did any damage at all! Sharice's rifle rounds did half the damage of in the cinema!

So, what was somewhere in the region of ten to twenty minutes long last time was around five to ten this time. What the hell, man?!

What was an ace action-flick in the cinema was reduced to a 65% review scoring piece of generic bullshit. Guess I should see about getting a "screener" copy instead. Maybe they'll have left the good bits in.

(*Yes, it sounds like I'm bragging, which of course I am, but that's not why I mention it. I mention it because there's also 1080p TVs which show even more detail, standard def content looks like shit on them. My copy of Smokin' Aces was a proper 720p copy. It looked amazing at a distance of one metre. Sitting on the sofa I could see no difference between it and a DVD. None.)

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