How many people feel like they're not really in control of their lives?
Or that they only have a small degree of control?

How many people are running from what they see as their problems?

Thinking about this, apparently lots of people just chug along through their lives, doing what they think they're supposed to be doing, reacting as things happen, events develop.

Perhaps that's not true.
Gods, I hope not. How godsdamn* depressing would that be?

It's been a long time since I've not felt in control of my life, the events that happen to me and the path I choose. Certainly, I have no control over the smaller events, whether a friend is busy and cannot come for a drink, for example. But other things I can control. It's my life and I live it as best I can.

Our lives are what we make of them. Don't like how yours is going? Take a step back for a moment - chances are, you can change it. The only thing stopping you are the invisible walls in your head.

(* a note for Lydia - :P - I will defame the name of as many gods as I see fit, considering I don't believe in any, it would follow that for me anything vaguely religious that I use as a curse is just words. Words without meaning, other than to express the sentiment in mind. If you choose to believe, that is your choice and I applaud your faith, I have none. I wish I could believe the endlessly translated stories of ancient men and see them as the work of some higher power, but to me they appear as just a set of sensible rules for the times in which they were written, wrapped in a story. A spoon full of sugar, so to speak. How better to have influence over people? Once you have their hearts, their popular support will follow. One day I hope your merciful, loving god convinces me that we're on this lonely rock for a good reason and that there is paradise once we die, but until then.. Well, I suppose it's a good way to stop people losing their minds. Mortality is a bitch like that.)

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