It's quite suprising how much stuff I keep in this small, leatherbound thing. Well, I think it's leather at least. Seems like it. I found it in a cupboard at some point, so I'm not really sure about much else other than it says "Fabretti" on it (Wikipedia says "Raphael Fabretti (1618 - January 7, 1700) was an Italian antiquary.").

First off, the obvious, money.
The amount I carry varies, but I rarely carry fifties for the simple reason that they don't bloody fit! An amount between nothing and £60 is about the usual for me, in a mixture of twenties, tens and fives. In this case I've got an English £10 note and two fivers, one Scottish, one English. There's also £3.55 in mixed change.
Additionally, there's two debit cards, one for Lloyds TSB and one for, uh, Natwest (fairly useless, but not as bad as Halifax!).

Working clockwise, the rest of the contents:

-Four IWC UK business cards with my smirking mug on the back with my name, job title and email address.
-A nearly expired Odeon card entitling me to a further discount on top of the student one (used, uh, once?).
-My driving license complete with an ancient photo and a miniscule copy of my signature.
-One durex branded condom.
-HMV student card (actually worthwhile).
-GAME reward card (actually worthless).
-My Napier student card with a rather more up to date, slightly photoshopped pic.
-My Lothian Buses student bus card. Pretty much required for life in Edinburgh.
-One mini-map of Lothian Buses' routes throughout the 'burgh. Very useful for the wandering podcaster.
-One National Rail card wallet thingy containing the two bits that make up my Young Person's Railcard. Discounts FTW.
-A Caffé Nero loyalty card, 7/9 stamps filled in.
-An odd little card from Lloyds TSB to do with emergency coverage for cars or something. I've no idea what it's for or why I carry it around.

So there you go, a little insight as to what I carry around most days.

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