I was having a browse through my photos just now, the old ones, the really old ones.
I bought my first digicam during the Easter holiday of 2002, I think it cost around £160 and was a measly 2MP. It gobbled through AA batteries like popcorn.
However, it was worth it, as spending my holiday working putting up fences around the estate was better than sitting around alone, which was my other alternative.

At that time it wasn't common for young people to own digicams or phones with cameras.

I used my cam a lot, often around school and then when I reached the sixth form, I used it in the Sixth Form Centre, our student bar.
The first occasion in which I was there properly was the Heroes and Villains party, I believe.
Something that might please Chris if he reads this is that I went as Rimmer - a hero to himself and a villain to the rest of the Red Dwarf crew.
The H was superglued to my forehead (having been a wargamer, I'm well versed in the nuances of superglue).
Due to my glue skillz I knew how to easily remove it without any marking, even if most people seemed convinced it would leave a load of red marks or something..

Those of you who know about my past might know I fell for a German girl named Lara a short time after this party. However, at this party I didn't really notice her. I recall she went dressed as a devil, but I've no proper photo of her from that night. I think her face appears in the background of one of the photos, but otherwise she's not in any.

I was looking through to find a suitably fun picture to post on my blog when I found this one:

I can't believe I've never noticed who's standing directly behind me. Hell, after she left the school to return to Germany I remember looking through these photos to see if I had any of her from that night. Well paint me unobservant!

The girl holding onto me is Rhian, an old friend of mine, one of the first girls I got to know at CCB as our desks were next to each other in the boarding house during 1st Form (So I've known her for nearly a decade now.. holy shit..).

To her right is Rhys, a guy I used to go climbing with who would spend a fair bit of time with my friends, Laurence and Gwion, so we're kinda friends too. Nice guy.

Shoving his head into the photo above is Ryan.
Whilst I never liked him, I can certainly think of people I hated more.

Hmm, I think there's three other German girls in the background, they went as Bond girls, I think I see the back of Laura, Anne-Sophi and I think that may be Victoria there too.
The black guy talking to Lara, hmm, I think he was German too, but I'm not certain. "Chris" suggests itself, but I really don't recall his name. If anyone from CCB remembers him, comment and tell me who he was, because it's bugging me!

I've also just noticed that the pic is entitled "Old Centre Pic" here on Bebo.
I must have added that custom caption but have no recollection of doing so..

With a memory like this it rather explains why I try and take so many photos..

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