Birthday cards, mainly.
Places like Hallmark and Clinton Cards..

Why do people buy half the utter trash sold on their shelves?
Do people honestly find the so-called humour section funny?
They like cards covered in designs so tasteless that they put traditional British cookery to shame?

I appreciate that most of us don't necessarily have the time or the skill to make our own cards however, with the virtual ubiquity of digital cameras the excuses barrel is becoming rather empty.
I also appreciate that these shops sell some cards that don't give me the sudden urge to stab in artist in the face with a jagged shard of glass.

That doesn't change the fact that whenever I'm given a card, or I see others given cards, the cards chosen are these insultingly unfunny, garish monstrosities. I mean, jesus, do you people just stand in the right section, close your eyes and lunge wildly at the card rack?

Perhaps it's another one of these little facets of British culture that I struggle to understand. Some things are quaint. Others are interesting.
This one is bollocks.

That is all.

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