I recently said something like "How do I get rid of this KateModern crap?" on my Bebo profile.
Today I logged on and found a little "close" link in the newest KM thing. Woo!

I've never watched it, perhaps I'd like it, perhaps not. What I don't like is having it appear on my "changes" page. Fascinating as it may be, I did not sign up to it and I don't want it mingled in with my friends, thank you very much.

When I get a connection with enough bandwidth to view it, I may have a look, because it may be quite good. If it isn't, I can hate it with the passion that I hate everything else with.

I was in Newcastle today, at the Metrocentre (a large shopping centre). Nothing much to say there, other than that I am gripped by the fact that I have virtually everything material that I could want. I don't walk into HMV and feel the urgent desire to own more music. Shiny laptops hold no appeal. Shirts, jeans, video games, it's just like "m'eh".
I like to think this is a good thing!

Similarly, when I was in Ikea (after leaving the Metrocentre) the nice layouts that they had there, which normally really appeal, didn't. Why?
Because I'm about to move into a really, really nice flat.

I did find time to pick up a cupboard of sorts, well, eventually it may be a cupboard. For now it's just a big shelf thing. We're going to have an Xbox 360, a Wii and a PS2 alongside our media centre, we need shelving of some sort. Oh dear gods, I'm boring myself talking about furniture! Argh!

Counting down the days now until I move in on the 30th. I hope the rest of you are doing well.

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