Title aside, I'm in good spirits. Well, aside from being hungry.
Chris is away and Fraser's at work, so it's just me at the JKCC, catching up on some intarwebz stuff.

The last 48 hours have been rather, illustrious?

I'll disregard the minutia of yesterday morning as it was mostly just me trying to find an earlier train, wandering around Haltwhistle with my luggage and other boring stuff.
Let's just skip straight to arriving at the station, to be greeted by Chris at the ticket barrier at Haymarket.

We stopped off and picked up a record deck. Fifteen quid each, boosh. Excellent, I love vinyl. But I'd left my records down in Northumberland. We don't have a record deck, why not leave them until I move in?

I'm still trying to figure out what we did after that. I think we met up with Fraser and wandered around town a bit, as we are apt to do. It feels good to be back in the city. I love this city, it's my favourite in Britain. The glorious sunshine certainly helped!
We did take a moment to pick up a shirt at Route One. Fraser acquiring a rather apt "Quite Emo." shirt and myself finding a rather amusingly crass "I <3 Your Mum" shirt which I got changed into, more on that later..

It's worth noting that I'm not in my new flat properly yet because Chris' family is staying there. So when we went back to drop off a few things I had to zip up my leather jacket. Somehow I didn't want to introduce myself to his mother wearing that shirt..

The plan for the rest of the evening quickly became clear in our minds. A mandatory viewing of the Simpsons movie, as I'd not seen it yet. It's fairly shite, but you've sometimes just got to do these things.

By this juncture I was getting onto ravenous. Not a good thing if you're me. A pizza was in order and a bottle of red cola. Sadly we were unable to smuggle the pizza into Transformers. We had ten minutes until it started.
Do you know how quickly an extra large pizza lasts in the hands of three hungry students?

What we did manage to bring in was a few bottles of pear cider. Good stuff. Stompy robots, rock music and alcohol. Not bad.
Fraser wandered off to Opium after that, I think, but Chris and I were a bit tired out by that time. Not sure what he'd been up to, but I'd been running around all day and spent most of the morning lugging around my bags, so by midnight I was thinking sleep, rather than booze.

Let's cut to today, circa 1030, waking up.
Actually, no, a little later.
One shower and a fresh set of clothes later and I was ready to face the world. I didn't want to get baked again, so I wore light clothes and skater jeans. A rather stupid choice, it would turn out.

It pissed it down all day. Hell, it's probably still raining. I hope not though. Forecast fox tells me it's going to piss it down tomorrow too. Fan-bloody-tastic.

The plan was a simple one - Chris and Fraser had tickets to see Simon Amstell. I would have had a ticket, but by the time I'd decided to come up to Edinburgh, it'd sold out. No worries though, I'd come with them up to the venue and then wander off for an hour or so.

A quick honourable mention to Adam - cheers for the sandwich!

I wandered off and within a minute ran into a middle-aged lady who asked me, "Would you like a ticket to see Simon Amstell?", profferring a single ticket. I paid her a bit less than the ticket price, although it was probably worth considerably more than that, judging by how long it'd been sold out for.

Chris and Fraser were having some trouble finding the specific hall for the performance and we quickly met back up and hunted it down. It was totally packed and understandably so. Any comedy show featuring continual references to clown rape can't be bad.

Tsunamis, homosexuality & Judaism, philosophy of the self, boring photos (except the ones you appear in) and comedian rapists. Excellent.

Fraser wandered off to work leaving Chris and I to trek back across apparently infinite streets to the JKCC over at Merchiston. I swear it's never taken so long to walk here. Maybe it was the soggy jeans, well, drenched jeans. Maybe it was the laptop bag. It was bloody heavy going though.

Chris stayed with me until it was a suitable time for him to get going to his job interview. If he gets it we should be able to get cheaper booze. Woo! His commute will be excruciating though. Poor guy..
(The off-license is literally a minute from our door step. If that. You could run it in thirty seconds or less.)

That's it for the Fox Chronicles. For now at least.

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