This song should be familiar to most of you, but it wouldn't suprise me if at least a few people wouldn't know it from the title.

"Cotton-Eyed Joe" by Rednex
(apparently you can hear a sample here: )

My earliest memories of it are from a school disco, in the early nineties, I seem to remember. I can't have been very old, eight maybe, if that?
My memories from that time are very blurry, but perhaps that's normal.

Anyway, I remember this song being around that time. It was quirky, fun and rather cringey, some how. A horrible mixture of the 80s and old songs from the 50s with a bizarrely compelling violin thrown in for good measure.

I recall my classmates really liking it, but I don't think I found it that cool at the time, which probably made me horribly uncool, or would have done had I expressed an opinion on the matter, in between the air-violining they did..

More recently I remember the song appearing on a minidisc, mix-tape style. It was played in Christ College's Sixth Form Centre when the bar was open.
On such nights the digital decks were manned by sixth formers (I don't think it was only upper sixth, I think lower sixth were eligible for the job too).
Music was played from CDs, minidisc and occasionally someone's laptop, sitting in the DJ booth.

Anyway, the song was on minidisc and was played many times, I seem to recall, through the drunken haze, that the air-violining returned in many cases. It even induced dancing, which was certainly rare, Centre Parties aside (mainly due to numbers).
I remember that towards the end of one of the evenings, many ciders and beers later, the minidisc breaking. Not the machine, the specific disc containing the song. It was brought outside the centre and a small stake erected next to it (gods know where the guys found it..).
The amount of reverence they placed on it was trying to go for comedy, I think..

Even though I was rather worse for wear, it just wasn't that funny. Perhaps they didn't commit enough to make it funny, because damnit it should have been pretty godsdamn amusing.

I think someone got hold of the song later though and played it from their laptop, but it was never quite the same, although I'll wager that the air-violining was still present..

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